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Find your vulnerabilities,
before they
Naxus safeguards your code from vulnerabilities, so you can focus on building exceptional software. Don't let any vulnerability reach production!
Screenshot of a vulnerability
What is Naxus?

Meet our team of AI-Gents

AI at the core

We diligently oversee each modification in your code repository with real-time precision. AI-Gents is our AI-powered robust monitoring service that ensures that vulnerabilities and potential backdoors are detected in PRs and Commits. Stay informed and proactive, as we promptly alert you to every emerging potential vulnerability in your code.

Screenshot of a vulnerability
Screenshot of a vulnerability

An EDR for your Source Code

When you grab our organization's package, think of it as getting an extra set of eyes—actually, make that a whole team of eyes. Our cybersecurity crew will dive deep into every alert, giving it a good look-over. No more getting bogged down by those pesky false alarms. We'll clear out the noise so you can focus on making your code shine.

Expert AI-Human Synergy

Initiate the process with a seasoned penetration tester meticulously examining your code, complemented by our advanced AI, to uncover existing vulnerabilities. Subsequently, as your code undergoes changes, AI-Gents will continually monitor it. Our human experts, familiar with the nuances of your code, will authenticate and assess each discovery.

Screenshot of a vulnerability

More than a monitoring solution

Elevate your code security practices and streamline your development workflow to meet the demands of today's software development landscape.


Instantly detects and reports security weaknesses as code is committed, providing immediate feedback to developers.

Historical data.

Maintains a historical record of vulnerabilities, aiding in trend analysis and demonstrating security improvements over time.


Features an intuitive, user-friendly interface designed to make vulnerability management accessible to all team members.

GitHub Integration.

Seamlessly integrates with GitHub to make it easy for teams to incorporate security checks into their existing development workflows.

Expert review.

In the organization tier, human experts review code to ensure that high-risk vulnerabilities are thoroughly assessed, without bothering you with false positives.

Contextual Analysis Levels.

Multiple levels of contextual analysis, allowing teams to customize the depth of code scrutiny according to their specific requirements.

Pricing for every stage


Basic monitoring, perfect to get started.

Automated PR analysis

Access to Public Repositories

Basic analysis without context

Monitor up to 5 repositories

2,500 lines of code per month


Flexible monitoring license for growing teams.

Automated PR & commit analysis

Access to Public & Private Repos

In-depth analysis with basic context

Monitor up to 25 repositories

15,000 lines of code monitoring per month

2,500 lines of code audit per month


Our most advanced monitoring solution.

Automated PR & commit analysis

Access to Public & Private Repos

Advanced analysis with full context

Custom Repositories Limit

Custom lines of code per month

Initial comprehensive code analysis

Human monitoring and support


The EDR of your source code

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